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English documentaries about Accessibility and Inclusion in films and the LOVE Yourself Project

We are so happy today!

Let us introduce you to a brand new Youtube playlist we have created by putting together the main documentaries we have released with English subtitles. All of them regarding accessibility and inclusion in films, of course.

Thumbnail of one of the English subtitled videos: Music, photography and… deafblindness!

Although you will be able to check all the videos in the above-mentioned playlist, let us tell you that we have had a great help along this summer to craft some parts of the blog and different English promotion strategies to spread our inclusive message as far as we can.

We are talking about LOVE Yourself Project. The LOVE Yourself Project was developed to provide access to speakers, health and well-being professionals and workshops specifically geared toward the unique experience of the expat lifestyle. We seek to promote empowerment, women’s leadership, cross-cultural learning, shared services, and purposeful gatherings.

By the time the 3rd edition rolled around, an internship program was developed to provide mentoring and support to a select group of individuals who exhibit an entrepreneurial mindset, is receptive to ideas, and nurtures a giving spirit.

Love Yourself Project logo.
miCINEinclusivo and The LOVE Yourself Project

You guessed it. We were one of that group of individuals!

Let me introduce you to the team of interns who helped us on the website!

To start with the project manager, we have to talk about Elizabeth Krajewski (Canada). She was the woman in charge of the communication between the rest of the interns and us. She planned the timelines, the tasks, and a lot of different important matters together with Celine, LOVE Yourself Project’s creator.

Lily Kilbey (Canada): we sent sent her a couple of our the documentaries with English subtitles and we just asked her to write a couple of blogs sharing her point of view on what we do. You may check the resulting texts here.

Maria Kusnadi (Indonesia): Maria is a very skilled designer who provided us with some media materials. For instance, she was able to put together a great English presskit for us that you may read here.

English thumbnail for one of our videos at our Youtube’s new Playlist.

Jane Moyano (Canada): the fact that we placed one of the English thumbnails of our Youtube videos just before talking about Jane is not done by chance. She created almost all of them, together with the descriptions you may read below!

Ru Adegoke (England): Ru was in charge of translating four of the most important web texts into English. What a great opportunity for us! You may check those texts right here:

Last but not least, let’s talk about Rosie Ignacz (Ireland). She worked on different social media strategies, not just for a short period of time, but taking into account a middle and a distant future.

A wonderful experience

Together, they were a very kind, helpful and great team to work with! We will always remember this weird «Covid-19» summer, and how this group of wonderful professionals and human beings were so generous to share their time on improving My Inclusive Cinema.

My Inclusive Cinema works together with people with disabilities.