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SWING! The Life of a Secret: An Inclusive Feature Film

«SWING! The Life of a Secret» is a fresh, dynamic film with a plot full of twists. It was designed to be the first inclusive feature film from the start, from script-writing to distribution.

SWING! The Life of a Secret is an inclusive feature film created by Miguel Ángel Font Bisier. Picture by Jose Luis Carretero.

Linguistic inclusion

We have worked for linguistic inclusion, because, besides being all its dialogues completely in Valencian, its soundtrack also consists of songs from different bands that sing in this language. Styles such as jazz, swing, electronic music, folk and trap will be heard in one of the official Spanish languages, giving «SWING!» a different and special touch. We already have some bands that will participate in the proposal, so we will perfectly adapt the sequences to the lyrics of the songs, offering a symbiosis between the selected music and the script.

One of the main actors of the film playing the guitar. Picture by Jose Luis Carretero.

Likewise, subtitling into Spanish, English, and other languages has been taken into account, so the names of all the characters work without being translated into either Valencian, Spanish or English.

Gender and sexuality

In terms of gender issues and sexuality, the film brings a different and diverse vision to the scene. In this way, there is no discriminatory, preferential or comical treatment towards any group or sexual orientation. In fact, our story, starring a young woman who is going through a transition into maturity and fulfillment, aims to capture the problem of lack of communication between people, without judging or ridiculing anyone because of their condition, their age or their gender. The characters are pluralistic, strong, charismatic and intelligent.

Actors Jaime Pujol and Cristina Perales rehearsing one of the most important scenes of the movie. Picture by Alfonso Calza.

Together, they form a solid nucleus so that the audience can empathise and identify with them.

Accessibility and representation

Finally, «SWING! The Life of a Secret» is set to be the first film to offer accessibility from the beginning of the project. This means that, from script-writing and pre-production, we have already taken into account that we want to address not only the traditional viewer, but also people with disabilities.

The last important inclusive point is that, in our story, we work on the concept of visibility and normalization of people with disabilities. One of the most relevant characters, Jordi, will be played by a signing deaf person, who will make the rest of the characters communicate with him through sign language and other ways that will provide a pleasant and friendly atmosphere to many of the sequences of the film.

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