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The Accessibility Report


The Accessibility Report is an interactive manual. It is divided into ten sections, which contain the different phases of the creative process of this film. Its aim is to capture the essence of each department of the project through videos, photographs and the testimonies of its main team. This allows the professionals in accessibility to know firsthand the most important data they will have to take into account  in the audio description and the enriched subtitling.

Fernando Villamanta, Whatscine’s CEO, reading the Accessibility Report.

This report is written once the film is completed, although it is highly recommended to keep it in mind from the early stages of the project and to gather as much information as possible throughout pre-production. When the post-production of this project is finished, the report is sent, together with a copy of the film with its corresponding time code, to the company responsible for the accessible tools.

Thus, accessibility professionals will create their work in a comfortable way and true to the artistic vision of the team that has devoted so much time to this film.  As a result, the project will have an inclusive philosophy, since accessibility will be incorporated as another element of the audiovisual process, and not independently.

The Accessibility Report.

It should be noted that, within this report, anyone can find interesting information about the project: fun facts and secrets, since this document does not intend to pinpoint nobody’s disability or professional profile. It is made for everyone and it aims at opening, even more, the doors to a new, more plural and diverse way of understanding the culture and the audiovisual industry.

                                                                                    –Miguel Ángel Font Bisier, creator of the Accessibility Report.