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Why we are called “My Inclusive Cinema”

Creating a brand with the possessive pronoun «my» is not very orthodox in strict marketing terms. It might make us seem self-centered, which would detract our place in the public eye.

However, that «me» has an opposite meaning for us. The name «my inclusive Cinema» is a recognition of all the people who have worked, are currently working, or will work in the field of full inclusion. Thus, the»my inclusive Cinema» brand refers only to the professional and personal philosophy of the people who work on the platform.

This philosophy is always open to dialogue, change, and growth. It does not deny or impose itself against other accessible or inclusive methodologies. Furthermore, our philosophy respects and recognizes the work of people, associations, foundations, entities, or companies associated with making a better tomorrow possible for people in the social, health, or cultural fabric.

Logo of, by Verónica Coloma.

Our logo of the outline of an eye with a blue C inside represents our vision of «Inclusive Cinema». A vision that we share through texts, books, conferences, and exhibitions. Our vision shows through our informative films and videos, theories, professional practice and personal experience.

Picture by Joana Chilet.

Sometimes, you have to move out of the comfort zone and break molds so that barriers fall.

Thus, we believe that the «me» within our name is necessary, and from here, we hope that other people can contribute to a more open and collaborative world in terms of accessibility and inclusion. We, from here, will continue working on it.

Translation by: Ru Adegoke and LOVE Yourself Project Internship Programme