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Conference at Boston University: Universal Design Learning in Action for Inclusive Filmmaking

Last Saturday we were invited by the Boston University to give a lecture in the 6th Annual Conference on Second-Language Learning & Disabilities. As you may check on previous blog articles, it’s not the first time we take part in this wonderful conference, and this year we prepared a very special talk titled «Universal Design Learning in Action: A Filmic Approach to Language Learning».

Here’s a brief abstract of the conference:

«Culture is more than a daily encounter with facts or stimuli; it’s a wellspring of knowledge shaping our identities and sense of belonging. Therefore, ensuring cultural accessibility and inclusivity for everyone, irrespective of ability or circumstance, is paramount. Despite positive strides towards inclusivity, a gap persists, notably in the film industry, where accessibility often gets treated as an add-on rather than a foundational part of creativity.

This conference seeks to narrow this gap by advocating for accessibility and inclusion as integral elements from the inception of creative projects, particularly in filmmaking. Current policies lack explicit guidance on seamlessly integrating accessibility into cultural product design, leaving a void in actively including people with disabilities in cultural experiences.

Commonly, tools like audio description, subtitling, and sign language interpretation are retrofitted after project completion. We contend that these elements should be embedded as core values from the project’s start, offering an enriching opportunity for creative storytelling.

This conference will delve into key elements redefining accessibility and inclusion as indispensable to the creative process, with a specific focus on the film industry. Our goal is to spark dialogue, prompting a shift towards prioritizing accessibility and inclusion in cultural endeavors».

We hope that this event lasts for many years! We will always support it, given the quality of the contents and the great people who coordinate it.