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Conference at Boston University: Universal Design Learning in Action for Inclusive Filmmaking

Last Saturday we were invited by the Boston University to give a lecture in the 6th Annual Conference on Second-Language Learning & Disabilities. As you may check on previous blog articles, it’s not the first time we take part in this wonderful conference, and this year we prepared a very special talk titled «Universal Design Learning in Action: A Filmic Approach to Language Learning».

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Meet Miguel Ángel Font Bisier – CEO of

Miguel Angel Font Bisier - English biography
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Miguel Ángel Font Bisier: New horizons in culture and inclusion

After completing our PhD, we share the new biography of Miguel Ángel Font Bisier, CEO of


Miguel Ángel Font Bisier is a Valencian film director, researcher, teacher and writer. With a degree in Audiovisual Communication and a PhD in Applied Languages, Literature and Translation, he has extensive musical training and is able to communicate in six languages, which has allowed him to shoot more than 300 audiovisual projects in different countries. With a wide variety of genres and styles, his works have been awarded and screened at prestigious national and international festivals, in cinemas, on channels such as Teledeporte, Dark or À Punt, and on platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Filmin.

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Blues Time: English subtitled version

We want to share with you our first inclusive short-film: Blues Time.

This version of the film features English SDH subtitles.

These subtitles are designed, mainly, for deaf or hard-of-hearing viewers. They offer any audible information relevant for the understanding of the plot. SDH are displayed in various places on the screen. Dialogues are highlighted in different colors.

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Blues Time: questions and answers

  • What is Blues Time?

Blues Time is a fictional short film rated for general audiences. It was written and directed by Spanish filmmaker Miguel Ángel Font Bisier and produced by When Lights are Low. The main characters are played by José Manuel Casañ, singer of the infamous rock band “Seguridad Social”, and by Aroa Renau, a child actress and model. The film is 14.30 minutes in length and was shot by a professional film crew in Valencia.

Blues Time’s official poster, by Weaddyou advertising agency.

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