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Miguel Ángel Font Bisier – English Biography

Film is a magical chest
from which anything can spring.
Portrait of Miguel Ángel Font Bisier, by Gorka la Barbera.

The life of Valencian film director, scriptwriter and researcher Miguel Ángel Font Bisier (January 1987), is marked by a constant personal and professional evolution.

  • Note: all the below-linked videos feature English subtitles.

Miguel Ángel attended the German School of Valencia and later received his bachelor’s degree in Audio-Visual Communication from the University Cardenal Herrera CEU. Concurrently, he had been playing the violin for 20 years, which triggered his passion for the arts. 

His fluency in English, Spanish, German, Italian, Valencian and Spanish Sign Language allows him to easily coordinate local, national and even international productions.

A frame of fashion film Aeterna – In Search of Love (2012). By Laia Lluch.

First steps

His career is distinguished by detail-oriented, engaging and avant-garde projects. He is known as one of the pioneers in Spain in the fashion film format with his internationally awarded trilogy, Eiénesis (2010). In addition, his award-winning short films within the horror genre, Llagas (2012) and Sinnside (2013), premiered consecutively in the Official Section of the International Fantastic Film Festival of Sitges.

Teaser poster of Sinnside (2013), a horror short film. Artist: Hugo Saláis.

Complementing his work in the field of fiction, Miguel Ángel creates different videos for record companies such as Warner Music, as well as the posthumous official music video for the well-known band Motörhead: «When the Sky Comes Looking for You« (2016). His first television format, «El Trance Positivo«, with the prestigious hypnotist Toni Pons, debuted in 2015.

Promotional picture of the TV show «El Trance Positivo», with Toni Pons (2015). Picture by Carlos Gutiérrez.
Multisensory films and Accesibility

XMILE(2016) combined the continuous themes in his career: Fashion, fantasy and the search for new forms of communication. XMILE is the first short film designed not only to be seen and heard, but also smelled, tasted and touched. In addition, the inclusion of different services of accessibility (audio description, subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing and Sign Language), bring the deaf, blind and deaf-blind people one step closer to achieving equality in media productions.

Teaser poster of XMILE, a multisensory and accessible film. Picture by Claudia Marconell.
Research and politics

In June 2017, Miguel Ángel gave a speech at the Spanish Senate to explain his new model of accessibility. He stated that accessibility should be included from the very beginning in any audio-visual production. As a consequence, it was declared that from 2018 on, all projects made with Valencian public money must be accessible.

Miguel Ángel Font Bisier at the Spanish Senate. June 2017.

In his first book, XMILE: Cinema of Universal Design (2019), Miguel Ángel writes about the work developed during four years with XMILE. It not only recounts his experience of making his own work totally accessible, but also explores several facets of the short film that are now subjects of research and university studies.

The book XMILE: Cinema of Universal Design was released in January, 2019.
Miguel Ángel Font giving a lecture in Peru, by Miguel Bazán.
Inclusive cinema – a step further

Miguel Ángel now carries out his new projects with teams consisting of a large number of people with disabilities both in front of and behind the camera. For instance, in 2018, he produced the first video for the Deaf-Blind Association of the Valencian Community (ASOCIDE CV), the Guide for the Adequate Treatment of Women and Girls with Disabilities for CERMI CV, and the fashion film The Sea of Freedom.

Official poster of Blues Time. By Weaddyou and Carmen Calvo.

Since April 2018, he now writes and directs new inclusive projects from the start. The first films to be released are the short film Blues Time (2019) and the documentary Creating Inclusive Cinema (2019). Both films have been screened and used as a reference in many schools and universities. Blues Time has been dubbed into Arabic language by Bin Khalifa University in order to be released in Qatar.

Poster of the documentary Creating Inclusive Cinema. By Miguel Serrano.
The first inclusive feature film

What is more, 2019 was the year Miguel Ángel wrote and directed his first inclusive feature filmSWING! The Life of a Secret. He also created, an online platform in which he shares the results of his investigations. This website has already been supported and promoted by several brands and political parties.

Póster de «SWING! La vida d’un secret» (2020) Por Nicolás Castelló.

2020 is the year in which Miguel Ángel releases his feature film and publishes his second book: Un Confinamiento de Cuentos, a fairy tale compilation regarding the COVID-19 situation.

Miguel Ángel continues his research while simultaneously writing feature film scripts and working for various producers, brands and associations at a national and international level.