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How to navigate through the website is a platform for creation and dialogue on audiovisual accessibility, cultural inclusion and film industry.

To help you find out more about us and the work that we do, we have put together a tutorial to show you how to best navigate this website to get the most out of it.

NOTE: To make the videos accessible to deaf people, all the videos we post on the page have subtitles. To access these subtitles, please click the square on the bottom right corner of the video. features a big amount of videos with English subtitules.

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Blues Time: Questions and answers about film and accessibility

  • What is Blues Time?

Blues Time is a fictional short film rated for general audiences. It was written and directed by Spanish filmmaker Miguel Ángel Font Bisier and produced by When Lights are Low. The main characters are played by José Manuel Casañ, singer of the infamous rock band “Seguridad Social”, and by Aroa Renau, a child actress and model. The film is 14.30 minutes in length and was shot by a professional film crew in Valencia.

Blues Time’s official poster, by Weaddyou advertising agency.

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Blues Time – Inclusive short film dossier

This is our first inclusive short film dossier. It contains info not just about «Blues Time«, but also about its 21-minute-long documentary «Creating Inclusive Cinema«.

As a novelty, we are happy to share with you that both films have been translated into arab, so that the project can be enjoyed in Spanish, English, Sign Language and Arab!

Blues Time - Dossier

About the author.

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Miguel Ángel Font Bisier – english biography

Film is a magical chest
from which anything can spring.
Portrait of Miguel Ángel Font Bisier, by Gorka la Barbera.

The life of Valencian film director, scriptwriter and researcher Miguel Ángel Font Bisier (January 1987), is marked by a constant personal and professional evolution.

  • Note: all the below-linked videos feature english subtitles.

He studied at the German School of Valencia and he received his bachelor degree in Audio-visual Communication from the University Cardenal Herrera CEU. At the same time, he studied violin for 20 years, which triggered his passion for the arts. Being able to speak English, Spanish, German, Italian, Valencian and Spanish Sign Language, allows him to easily coordinate not only local or national productions, but also international ones.

A frame of fashion film Aeterna – In search of love (2012). By Laia Lluch.

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