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Sign language in our inclusive productions

From the moment we started to do some research and work on our inclusive projects, sign language has always played a special role.

Sign language is an extremely important form of communication for deaf and deaf-blind people.

Today many people still believe that sign language is an accessibility tool, as are subtitling and audio description. Nothing could be further from the truth. Sign language has its own cultural identity and heritage. Sign language is history, it is a feeling. It honours the past of so many people that have protected it, over the centuries, enriching it while building a present and a future for the community.

Sign language enhances itself more day after day with its rich and pluralistic form. In miCINEinclusivo we love being aware of it while making our own contribution to its diffusion.

In this regard, we want to take the opportunity to celebrate the International Sign Language Day (23rd September) by sharing a compilation of our best videos in sign language.

The path to a continuous learning

If you have had the chance to discover our project, you may know that we have made a great number of productions where sign language plays a major role.

For example, the sign language song adaptation of XMILESmile (sonríe).

(activate English subtitles on the Youtube player)

In the following documentaries, the sign language has also played an important role:

(activate English subtitles on the Youtube player)

(activate English subtitles on the Youtube player)

We have also participated in television shows in sign language:

We have carried out interviews in full sign language:

Events with sign language interpreting for the deaf and deaf-blind people in the audience:

Sign language versions of some of our short-films with deaf people as protagonists:

We have even filmed a feature film with characters played by deaf people!

Our colleague and friend Juan Carlos Guillem teaching the actor Jorge Motos how does the sign language work.
Sign language, identity and heritage of the deaf and deaf-blind people

Throughout the videos you might have discovered that the main focus of attention is on those people who use the sign language as a natural form of communication: the deaf people and the deaf-blind people. This is due to the fact that it is THEIR OWN language and belongs to them since all the sign languages in the world were created.

It is important to learn to communicate with this community, listen to them, learn their story and, little by little, fall in love with their beautiful, rich and expressive language.

We are so excited to share with you all, very soon, a new video in sign language with a special friend and frequent collaborator as the protagonist…

Stay tuned to know more about it! News coming soon!

Translation by Carmen Ibáñez.