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How to navigate through the website is a platform for creation and dialogue on audiovisual accessibility, cultural inclusion and film industry.

To help you find out more about us and the work that we do, we have put together a tutorial to show you how to best navigate this website to get the most out of it.

NOTE: To make the videos accessible to deaf people, all the videos we post on the page have subtitles. To access these subtitles, please click the square on the bottom right corner of the video. features a big amount of videos with English subtitules.

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SWING! The life of a secret: An inclusive feature film

«SWING! The Life of a Secret» is a fresh, dynamic film with a plot full of twists. It was designed to be the first inclusive feature film from the start, from script-writing to distribution.

SWING! La vida d’un secret is an inclusive feature film created by Miguel Ángel Font Bisier. Picture by Jose Luis Carretero.

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 Cinema for all: Part 2

An eye-opening anecdote

People are usually motivated by personal experience as a catalyst for universal change. Miguel Ángel Font Bisier admits he is not an agent of change who has personally been affected by any disability either through family members or his social bubble.

No, his defining moment was a result of a meeting with a deaf attendee at a film festival in San Diego 10 years ago. Admittedly, due to budget constraints and not thinking it would be selected for festival content, he had decided to shoot the film more as video art, abundant with visuals, few sound effects and complimenting music.

Miguel Ángel Font Bisier attending La Jolla Fashion Film Festival 2011. By Minh Huyhn.

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Cinema for all: Part 1

An unconscious bias exists towards the deaf, blind and disabled community among cinema enthusiasts.

At its premiere, XMILE was screened featuring SDH. By Sergio López.

How many of us have gone to the cinema to watch a film that included subtitles for audience members who were hearing impaired? Were you annoyed with the whispers of their companions trying to explain what was happening throughout the film? Further, have you ever seen a visually impaired person at the cinema? Personally, I have not.

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