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LOVE Yourself Project: a brief talk with the interns

As we explained before, the LOVE Yourself Project gave us the opportunity to collaborate with six skilled women in order to improve Now that the program is almost over, we wanted to have the time to briefly talk to Elizabeth, Jane, Lily, Maria, Rosie and Ru and say thanks one more time.

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My Inclusive Cinema: English Presskit

Let us introduce you to our first presskit in English. It’s been designed by Maria Kusnadi, an intern we have been collaborating with via LOVE Yourself Project.

Inclusive Filmmaking Presskit
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English documentaries about Accessibility and Inclusion in films and the LOVE Yourself Project

We are so happy today!

Let us introduce you to a brand new Youtube playlist we have created by putting together the main documentaries we have released with English subtitles. All of them regarding accessibility and inclusion in films, of course.

Thumbnail of one of the English subtitled videos: Music, photography and… deafblindness!

Although you will be able to check all the videos in the above-mentioned playlist, let us tell you that we have had a great help along this summer to craft some parts of the blog and different English promotion strategies to spread our inclusive message as far as we can.

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Inclusive Cinema Culture is a right, not a privilege

Inclusive Cinema Culture is a right not a privilege

It is essential to recognize that culture is not just about the information or stimulus we receive daily. Culture and knowledge make us grow. They strengthen our character and our identity as individuals.

Fortunately, society tends to be more inclusive. A political commitment has been made in Spain so that all public products, goods, and services are accessible. This commitment also includes artistic displays, spaces, and cultural events. Therefore, there has been an increase in productions that present audio-described content, with accessible subtitling and sign language.

A visually impaired person fidgets with the camera during the shooting of Blues Time at Llumm Studios. By Ruth Dupiereux.

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Our Inclusive Philosophy

Although you can find articles and content of all kinds on accessibility and cultural inclusion, sometimes less is more.

Here is a summary of our work philosophy in just 3 points:

Previous knowledge of the accessible tools, languages and forms of communication used by people with disabilities.
Creative development of accessibility, from the script/briefing to distribution.
Active participation of users with disabilities in the creative process and design of the work. Also, joint testing of the final product.
Vicente, Ester y Juan Carlos, members of Blues Time’s inclusive team. By Ruth Dupiereux.
The type of project, its format or its genre doesn’t matter. Nor does the business sector for which it’s meant, its language, or the place where we have to design it.

All our proposals are governed by the same values ​​of quality and inclusive methodologies. We are always offering a project suited to the needs of the client and a universal audience.

Translation by: Ru Adegoke and LOVE Yourself Project Internship Programme