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Meet Miguel Ángel Font Bisier – CEO of

Miguel Angel Font Bisier - English biography
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Miguel Ángel Font Bisier: New horizons in culture and inclusion

After completing our PhD, we share the new biography of Miguel Ángel Font Bisier, CEO of


Miguel Ángel Font Bisier is a Valencian film director, researcher, teacher and writer. With a degree in Audiovisual Communication and a PhD in Applied Languages, Literature and Translation, he has extensive musical training and is able to communicate in six languages, which has allowed him to shoot more than 300 audiovisual projects in different countries. With a wide variety of genres and styles, his works have been awarded and screened at prestigious national and international festivals, in cinemas, on channels such as Teledeporte, Dark or À Punt, and on platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Filmin.

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Modeling Accessibility and Inclusivity through film-making

Contributed by Elena Carrión Guerrero (Senior Lecturer, Spanish, Department of Romance Studies, CAS, at the Boston University).

1 – Introduction

«In my spring class, LS 306 Spanish through Translation, I was fortunate to receive a grant from the Hub Course Enhancement fund to invite Miguel Ángel Font Bisier, the Spanish filmmaker, screenwriter, and researcher, to speak with my students about accessibility and inclusivity in film-making.

Charla miCINEinclusivo en la Universidad de Boston.

The conversation, entirely conducted in Spanish between my students and our speaker, was extremely inspiring. Miguel Ángel initiated his presentation, engaging the students from the very beginning, by asking them why there was still so much to work on to achieve inclusion in our society. He then presented the different models we live in (traditional, hybrid, or inclusive) drawing on different examples not just pertaining to the cultural world, but also to the fields that students are majoring in.

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The lady in the painting – a tale in sign language

Today we are here to share with you all our new sign language project: the tale La dama del cuadro (The lady in the painting).

This story is available in the book Un confinamiento de cuentos (Stories of a lockdown), an anthology written over the three months of the lockdown imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic. On the occasion of the International Day of Sign Languages, we decided to publish a really special idea we had about La dama del cuadro, which you may know discover all about in this article.

Illustration for the story La dama del cuadro, by Badyr Askandar.

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¡Nuestro primer largometraje ya está disponible en Amazon Prime Video!

Hoy estamos muy contentos: nuestro primer largometraje ya está disponible en Amazon Prime Video.

SWING! La vida de un secreto llega a la plataforma justo coincidiendo con el Día Internacional de la Discapacidad.

SWING! ya puede verse en Amazon Prime Video.

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