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LOVE Yourself Project: a brief talk with the interns

As we explained before, the LOVE Yourself Project gave us the opportunity to collaborate with six skilled women in order to improve Now that the program is almost over, we wanted to have the time to briefly talk to Elizabeth, Jane, Lily, Maria, Rosie and Ru and say thanks one more time.

Elizabeth Krajewski

Working with Miguel Ángel in connection with miCINEinclusivo was an eye-opening and inspiring experience. I have personal experience dealing with accessibility from a mobility perspective, but this experience provided me exposure to a deeper understanding of inclusivity. Miguel Ángel’s passion and vision shine through in his work and the way he dedicates his time and energy bringing a new awareness to the importance of inclusivity in the film industry. It was an honour to be the project manager for the LOVE Yourself Project intern team and to see his vision further brought to light in the tasks they completed for miCINEinclusivo.

After viewing Miguel Ángel’s films and spending time on his project gaining a deeper understanding of inclusivity, I have to encourage everyone to take the time to visit his website miCINEinclusivo offers cinema without barriers and is integral to include all members of society in the production and enjoyment of the cinema industry. I hope that you take this opportunity to gain a better understanding of the impact he is having on inclusiveness and the film industry as a whole. And how globally we need to shift our perspective and have a more open, inclusive mindset.

Jane Moyano

Being part of a team, even quite briefly, that pushes and envelops inclusivity and integration have always been a dream of mine. I was tasked to make thumbnails and create English titles and descriptions for several of his YouTube videos that were in Spanish. Watching the documentaries and the behind-the-scenes footage of his videos shows just how earnest and passionate he is about his work. His goal shines through and makes working with Miguel Ángel not a chore, but a commitment.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to experience inclusive cinema. I now have a greater understanding that making accessible films runs much deeper than just the inclusion of subtitles. It has been an amazing opportunity that has enriched my life.  Thank you.

Lily Kilbey

As a North American film enthusiast, collaborating with Miguel Ángel was a dream-come-true collaboration for me.

I was tasked with diving into the inclusivity research that Miguel Ángel provided, understand his brand philosophy and methodology, then from the gained knowledge summarize my newly discovered understanding of inclusive cinema by writing two articles for his site’s blog. His documentaries showcasing his life project are truly inspirational.

Miguel Ángel is passionate about creating awareness of all-inclusive cinema and inclusivity in film, regardless of someone’s visual or hearing impairment or their physical challenges. His passion and dedication are what helped me to express in my own humble words Miguel Ángel’s awe-inspiring vision for the film industry as a whole. I encourage everyone to visit his website to learn more about how Miguel Ángel’s brand of inclusiveness can have a positive global impact on society.

Maria Kusnadi

Working with MiCineInclusivo has opened my eyes for accessibility. I also found the idea to be more inclusive in what we do is very lovely. I was amazed when I watched the videos on YouTube and it made me believe that not even physical condition can keep you from creating something everybody would enjoy.

As a website designer, accessibility is one of the aspects that I should always put in my mind and I will always learn something new about it.

Thank you Miguel Ángel, for your opportunity.

Rosie Ignacz

As a Love Yourself Project Intern working with miCINEinclusivo / Miguel Ángel was eye-opening, to say the least. Not only was I able to widen my basic knowledge of inclusivity in filmmaking, but the humble and passionate attitude from Miguel Ángel was really inspiring. Communication was flawless throughout the project, which made everything smooth and easy.

Being responsible for social media marketing strategy and English content for miCINEinclusivo, I’ve started doing more research about inclusivity within social platforms. While the learning process never stops, thanks to Miguel Ángel’s expertise and openness, I feel more and more determined to take more action and be aware of the reality of thinking inclusive when creating anything in life.

I would like to thank everyone within the project to make this experience possible!

Ru Adegoke

Working with Miguel Ángel on the translation of his blog content was amazing. As a business partner, Miguel Ángel is very helpful and easy-going, he is open to suggestions and ideas. He is not demanding and difficult to work with. I enjoyed working on the project because it helped me to work outside my comfort zone as well as learn new things whilst helping Miguel achieve his results. I’d highly recommend working for/with Miguel Ángel, and I definitely look forward to working with him again in the future.